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Association B/BB League Drafts
> League drafts must comply with the MAHA Rules VI. AGE CLASSIFICATIONS: DEFINITIONS AND RULES; M.; 4, 5, 6, 7.
> All players registered for a draft must be placed on a team.
> Associations may end their pre-draft process when the number of registrants exceeds the limits of available ice.  An Association waiting list can be created.  However, no player from an Association “waiting list” can be placed on a team until all the players n the draft pool of players have been drafted to a team.
> The main point of the draft is to insure balance among the ‘B/BB’ league teams.  Selective choosing of which players will be on the list of registered players on the draft is not allowed.  ‘Protecting more than one (1) player per team is not allowed.
> There are absolutely no trades allowed.
> Single entry teams must follow the MAHA Rule VI. AGE CLASSIFICATIONS: DEFINITIONS AND RULES; M.; 4. (5) (i) and M.; 5. (5) (i).
> Single entry teams will need to complete the ‘MAHA CERTIFICATION OF SINGLE ENTRY ‘B & ‘BB’ TEAMS’ form.
Draft Rules Submissions
> All Associations must submit a copy of their draft rules to their assigned D4 MAHA Director by August 15 of each season.  The rules will be reviewed and approved or denied by the District Council.

Conducting the Draft
> The assigned D4 MAHA Director is to be notified of the dates and times of all Association drafts.  This information is required a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of the draft.
>A member(s) of the D4 Council must be in attendance at all drafts; this includes being in the room during the selection process.
> At the completion of the draft, the assigned D4 MAHA Director shall sign and date the original copy of the draft and retain for submission to the District Council.

Zero, Hat Trick, and Playmaker Awards

MAHA provides awards to players for the following-
Zero Award- for a goal keeper playing a complete game without allowing a goal.
Hat Trick Award- for a player scoring 3 goals in a game.
Playmaker Award- for a player registering 3 assists in a game.

Email your D4 Registrar with the following information-
Name of the player.
A copy of the score sheet.
A limit of 1 award per player, per season.

Request For Certificate of Insurance

Club Excellance

     The new Club Excellence platform is now available for local associations to start accessing.  Below is an overview of the  program and instructions for  gaining access to the portal.
     Club Excellence is a new online portal system designed to give USA Hockey associations a unique home that will drive organizational success. The portal walks local leadership through the day-to-day needs of running a successful youth hockey association.
To access, the local association President or Vice President would need to submit for access. Once confirmed, they can invite the rest of the board to join them in the portal. Each leader has a job description, monthly tasks and a resource center with quick reference templates / best practice guides that relates to their specific association role. 
     The site is available, but not 100% complete at this point. Over the next few months, features and information will continue to be added.
To learn more and submit for access to your association’s portal, visit:
If you have any questions about the program, please contact Kevin Erlenbach at  (719) 538-1119 or

MAHA Association Support

Learn more about how MAHA can support your Association on the Association Support page of the website.
Tips For Growing Your Association
Player Retention
Financial Grants/One Goal
Try Hockey For Free events

Initiation Programs

Do you want to start an Initiation Program or Learn To Play Program, but don't know how.  Learn from Ron Hayes.

This is what the MAHA Attorney and Appeals VP had to say about disciplinary actions-

Player Releases

Resource Documents