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MAHA Goalie Development Program

Blake Anderson

Darren Eliot is the MAHA Goalie Development Coordinator

Phil Osaer is the ADM Goaltending Manager

USA Hockey Magazine- a must read for goalies and their parents.

At the MAHA 2016 Summer Meeting, a MAHA goalie development program was launched.

USA Hockey Goal: 51 in 30

To have American born goalies playing 51% of the minutes in NHL games by the year 2030.  In the 2015-16 season, the percentage was 22%.

Darren Eliot and Andrew Stewart share proper stance and positioning advice with young goalies at the first week of the MAHA Goaltending Workshop

Longtime Red Wings goaltending coach Jim Bedard joined the staff for the second week of the MAHA Goaltending Workshop

MAHA Goaltending - Girls-only workshop with Manon Rheaume and Darren Eliot

Darren Eliot talks about the MAHA Goaltending Workshops