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Blake Anderson

Coaching (ACE) Director
Blake Anderson

Michigan Coach-in-Chief
Jack Witt 

Michigan Coaching Director
Tom Kehr


Preparing to Coach Youth Hockey in Michigan for 2019/2020

Jack Witt, Michigan Coach-in-Chief, prepared the attached document outlining key information for all coaches for the upcoming season.


If any of the team personnel on the bench during a game does not have their proper level of coaching certification by December 31 of the current playing season, the person in non-compliance shall be be removed from all hockey coaching activities at that level.

Abuse of Officials- Another Perspective

This year, the D4 Council has had too many abuse of officials hearings.

2019-2020 Coaching Clinics

For other clinics in Michigan, go to link below!

Level 4 Clinics

July 27/28, 2019 - Chelsea, MI (Village Conference Center)

August 10/11, 2019 - South Bend, IN (University of Notre Dame)

September 22/22, 2019 - Gaylord, MI (Treetops Resort)

November 23/24 - Kalamazoo, MI (site TBD, refer to clinic posting)

December 14/15 - Livonia, MI (Livonia Marriott Hotel)

What I am hearing from top coaches . . . . 
-Develop athletes, not just hockey players
-Build good habits in your players
-Practice with small area games
-Skill is the bedrock of success
-Find a coaching mentor


> During the regular season, no coach, manager, or other team official, connected with a registered team may directly or indirectly entice, influence, or contact a player registered on another registered team without the written approval of the head coach or manager of that team. 
> Reports of a possible violation of this rule must be submitted in writing to the District Chairperson.
> Especially as post season play nears, many teams desire to contact players on other teams to play for them during the post season.  Do not contact the player without first contacting the head coach or manager getting their permission in writing.
> A player’s first obligation is to his/her regular season team until that team disbands.
> Ethically it is wrong to have the player lose concentration on his/her regular season team, typically during the team’s playoffs, because a head coach is trying to form a team.  You want your players to complete their season with you; respect the interests and goals of other teams as well.
‚Äč> The applicable MAHA rule in the Annual Guide is at: XVI. DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS; A.; 6.
Current State of Hockey In The U.S.

* Adult competition imposed on young athletes
* Youth players under train and over compete
*Training focuses on the immediate outcome rather than optimal training
*"Windows of Trainability" are not being utilized
* Under development from ages 6 to 16 cannot be fully overcome and therefore athletes never reach full potential

Knowledge of the Rules

Head Coaches do not have to become an expert in all of the rules in order to coach hockey, but they should read and become familiar with them.  Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse for failure to abide by them.  Every effort is made to distribute the rules.  It is the coach's responsibility to make the rules known to your staff and your players.  When in doubt, refer to the MAHA Annual Guide or contact your District 4 representative.