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Team Managers

It is recommended that Youth and Girls’/Women’s registered ice hockey teams have a manager. All Youth and Girls’/Women’s national championship bound teams are required to have a team manager. A coach who also serves as team manager would register only as a coach. Managers are covered under USA Hockey insurance policies. A team manager who is not registered as a coach may not participate in on-ice activities or be on the bench during games.
The team manager shall be the custodian of all  documents necessary for credential review prior to participation in invitational tournaments and district, regional and national championships. See Section IX: District Playoffs and National Championships, Subsection P. for complete listing.

Refer to the MAHA Annual Guide, Rules and Regulations for the most current rules

All coaches, managers, and/or team officials shall have the sole responsibility for making sure that their team meets all requirements for it classicfication and mets all the criteria for eligibility for District and State Playoffs