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Reporting Alleged Ethics Violations

To view the USA Hockey coaches Ethics Code in full go to or

For Apparent violations of the USA Hockey Coaching Ethics Code:

1) Informal Resolution of Ethical Violations
When a USA Hockey participant* believes that there may have been an ethical violation by a coach, they attempt to resolve the issue(s) by bringing it to the attention of the individual in an informal manner.

2) Formal Resolution of Ethical Violations
If an apparent ethical violation is not appropriate for the informal resolution as mentioned above, or is not properly resolved in that fashion, participants and the local hockey association take further action by:

  1. Contacting the coach’s Association President or their designee (i.e.: SafeSport Coordinator, Coaching Director, Board Member).
  2. Confirming with the coach’s Association President if there was an attempt at an informal resolution.
  1. Review the apparent violation using a due process procedure, as outlined in USA Hockey’s Annual Guide, Bylaw #10- Resolution of Disputes, Arbitration, Suspensions.  Failure to follow due process may nullify any suspension or other actions taken, on appeal.
  2. Gives a copy of the completed Violation Form to the coach in question, seven days prior to the Association’s formal review.
  3. Keeps written reports on all reviews and actions takes.

*Participants: those taking part in hockey (athletes and their family members, coaches, officials, volunteers, administrators, and spectators).

Ethics Code Violation Reporting Form