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2021 Enter Scores For Round 1


The home team is responsible for sending a copy of the scoresheet to Kim Gearns at  This should be done within 24 hours of game completion.


Home team is also responsible to send an 
original, readable score sheet

to Kim Gearns at 
(pdf please) 


Score Sheets

  • Be sure head coaches sign the score sheet.
  • Note the Division and Game ID on the score sheet.
  • Include the team names and time and location of the game.
  • Be sure any game misconducts, matches, etc. are clearly noted and readable.  Make sure any game misconducts/matches being served are clearly shown.
  • Review the “ScoreSheet Guidelines” at


After the Scheduling Meeting during Credentialing, Round 1 games can only be re-scheduled with the prior approval of the D4 Council Member assigned to the division. Both teams must agree in writing to the new date and the D4 assigned Council Member must also approve in writing.  Re-scheduling is an extremely rare occurrence.