Playing In Canada

If you are going to Canada to play a tournament in Canada, you need to fill out the “Canadian Tournament Application” form found on the MAHA website.  Additionally, if you are only playing a single exhibition game in Canada, you need a permit as well.  See the link below for latest information and application fees.

Canadian Tournaments:
Any team participating in Canadian Tournaments must complete the Canadian Tournament Application form together with an application fee.  To complete the form, click on: "Tournaments" then  “Canadian Permits” on the MAHA website.  This must be completed prior to your departure or your USA Hockey insurance will not follow you to Canada and you may be turned away by the Canadian Tournament Director as it will compromise the Canadian teams as well.  When entering tournaments in Canada, it is recommend that you ask the Tournament Director if the tournament is a sanctioned tournament.  When you apply for a Canadian Tournament permit you will need the following: 1) all the pertinent information for where and when you will be playing in Canada; 2) the application fee will be collected by Pay Pal at the end of the application process.

Hockey Canada does not sanction hockey events (games) from May 31 – August 31 (summer).  If a Canadian team wants to play a game in the US, they must present a valid travel permit.  If a USA registered team wants to play a Canadian team in the summer, without a valid travel permit, they will need to do so “outside” of USA Hockey.  IIHF rules require both Federations that agree to games have insurance coverage in place.  If a USA Hockey team chooses to play a Canadian team here (USA) without a travel permit or chooses to go to Canada to play in the summer, then they need to understand that none of their USA Hockey member benefits are in place.  Specifically, there is no General Liability coverage (and they should let the rink know that if the game is here and they’re buying ice) that there is no participant accident or catastrophic medical coverage.  Be highly suspicious of any Travel Permits issued by Hockey Canada if it is dated after June 1st.

Exhibition Games:
USA Hockey ice hockey teams traveling to Canada to play games against Hockey Canada teams must obtain a Canadian/USA Hockey Travel Permit.  This permit is available from your associate registrar (e mail Bob Yohe at by submitting the following information:
• Proposed Game Dates;
• Sponsoring Organization (Canadian Team);
• Team Contact (Canadian Team) and e mail address;
• USA Hockey Team Name;
• Team Registration Number;
• Classification and Division (U8, U10, U12, U14, U15, U16, U18, A, AA, AAA and B);
• Chief Officer (coach, manager, responsible person for team) and e mail address.