1) All Independent and Invitational Tournaments shall be under the supervision and control of the MAHA President.
2) All Independent and Invitational Tournaments must declare their age and division classifications before accepting entries from teams.
3) One of the requirements necessary for MAHA sanction of Invitational Tournaments is that only USA HOCKEY or CAHA registered teams and IIHF approved teams, be allowed to enter.
4) Only the Head Coach of any rostered team that participates in a non-sanctioned tournament shall be subject to a recommended suspension of one year. It is the responsibility of the team officials to insure that a tournament has secured a sanction, and to record the sanction number before entering any invitational tournament.
5) Programs which fail to register all of their member teams are not eligible to receive sanctions for any Invitational Tournaments.
6) All Invitational Tournament pairings and game times must be posted in all arenas in which any of the games are being played before the start of the first game of the tournament. No youth classification (Midget or younger) tournament game may be scheduled to begin later than 10:30 pm, or before 6:00 am. However, if properly scheduled games are delayed by circumstances such as injuries or overtime play, these scheduled games may be completed even if they would violate the above curfews.
7) The number of games played by any team on one day shall not be more than two with a minimum of four hours between the finish of the first game and the start of the second. This rule will be waived if a team is competing in both League playoffs and District or State Playoffs on the same day. Teams competing with teams from District 7 and District 8 may have the four hour rule waived with the consent of each team’s District Chairperson due to travel distances. The maximum of two games in one day cannot be waived. Failure to comply with this rule may result in a recommended six month suspension of the head coach.
8) Permission for use of a tournament "title" that would imply that there is a "United States," or "National” championship involved can only be granted by the appropriate USA Hockey Council, and "International" or "World" by USA Hockey's International Council.
9) Violation of any of the above rules and procedures will be considered grounds for suspension from USA Hockey of the individuals and/or bodies responsible for such violations.