Special Event Sanctions can be granted for events that grow the game.

Grow the game Events (One Goal, Bring a Friend, Put the Biscuit in the Net, etc.) that allow non registered participants, can be sanctioned as USA HOCKEY Events with the approval of the USA HOCKEY Michigan Affiliate Registrar. The non-registered participant will need to fill out an IMR/Waiver Form. (This form is available from your local association registrar, and can be found in their Cyber Sports software under the USAH Forms tab.) Make sure all information is collected and IMR forms are forwarded to the USA HOCKEY Michigan Affiliate Registrar. This information will be forwarded to USA HOCKEY and a greetings email will be sent to the participants.

The event should be just that an event for players to try hockey 1, 2 or 3 times.  The program could be a one-time event or it could be held (for example) three Saturdays in a row or every Sunday all season long just as long as it’s open to new people to try hockey.

Each participant is required to wear gloves (any kind) and a helmet.

Properly registered coaches are required to be on-ice.

Certain other activities conducted by teams/programs may be considered Special Sanctioned events (for example: Bingo games, Pancake Breakfast, etc.) 

The request should be emailed to the USA Hockey Michigan Affiliate/Associate Registrar 14 days prior to opening day of the event.

Sanctions can also be obtained for off-ice events.  For a Special Sanction for an off-ice event contact Grant Helms (MAHA Risk Manager).