Association drafts must comply with MAHA Rules and Regulations sections V. and VI.

- Note that all players registered for the draft must be placed on a team.

- Associations may end their pre-draft registration process when the number of registrants exceeds the limits of ice available.  An association waiting list can be created.  However, no player from an Association waiting list can be placed on a team until all players in the draft pool of players have been drafted to a team.

- The main point of the draft is to insure balance among the “B” teams.  Selective choosing of which players will be on the list of registered player in the draft is not allowed.  Protecting more than one (1) player per team is not allowed.

- There are absolutely no trades.

- Associations with single entry B/BB teams must certify in writing that said players were taken on a first come basis.  The formation of single entry teams must be certified valid by their respective District Council.  Associations that did not have a team or fielded a single entry team in this division the previous regular season must provide evidence of open draft skates and/or registration.  This shall be done by publishing the dates and times on a MAHA District website, or in a local newspaper or routine hockey publications at least two week prior to the first draft skate.  A copy of this must be submitted to the District Chair prior to the draft skate and/or registration.

- All Associations must submit a copy of their draft rules to their assigned D4 MAHA Director by August 15 of each season for approval.

- The assigned D4 MAHA Director is to be notified of the dates and times of all association drafts.  This information is required a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance of the draft.  A member of the Council must be in attendance at all drafts; this includes being in the room during the selection of players.  At the completion of the draft, the assigned D4 representative shall sign and date the original copy of the draft.